We Now Pronounce You Trucker and Crypto

I gotta get my money right so I can retire and smoke weed for the rest of my life! Me and Bitcoin…we about to be lovers!


IMG_0038I woke up one morning after another restless sleep and as usual grab my phone to catch up on the drama that surrounds my life.  Normal shit like who’s pregnant and by who’s husband, everybody’s broke and just complaining about life.  But I just so happen to scroll through my timeline and find someone talking about Bitcoin.  Well I know of this Bitcoin!  Last time I had checked it out or even thought about it the price was $600 usd!  So I check the price and I had to catch my eyes!  I’m sorry what?  How the fuck is the price $5000 usd????  I’m a Truck Driver by the way and well, I’m a slacker when it comes to money and finance.  But seeing a freakin missed opportunity broke my fuckin heart!  I’m mad right now remembering that fucked up day.  So here I am blogging about my crap life and the poor decisions I have made as a so called human being.  I’m hoping that I will one day soon redeem myself and be financially stable so that I can retire!  Retiring early flew out the window about 10 years ago!  This shit is so I don’t end up being one of those bullshit greeters at Walmart!  Fuck that!  I gotta get my money right so I can retire and smoke weed for the rest of my life!  Me and Bitcoin…we about to be lovers!

Reading Writing Arithmetic 😡 OMG!

This thing! This Phenomenon that is Bitcoin, Altcoin, Cryptocurrencies and fuckin Tokens! Just Pile more in the plate ma! I cant deal! This shit is critical! Bitcoin is about to break $20k and Im trying to play the game and learn at the same time! And on top of old smokie is the fact that my money still aint right meaning Im not financially prepared to take any type of position or make any entry into the freakin market since Sprint wants their money first! It feels like all of these obstacles are being set before me or Im just now recognizing them. In any case this frenzy to get in before this bubble explodes is fuckin stressful! Oh! Did I mention that I still have to drive this damn Truck?! Im on break at Route 66 Casino outside of Albuquerque writing this crap! I hope that I will be a millionaire soon because I cant deal right now!